The previous week was really hard, but pretty interesting for me. And of course, now I want to tell you about my discoveries, achievements and etc. I think, we can start!


Recently, I watched a few wonderful movies. Firstly, is an old American musical film called “The Sound of Music”. To be honest, when I saw that the duration of this movie is almost 3 hours, I thought that it would be impossible to watch the whole film. However, I was wrong. And,maybe, after watching the film I was a bit tired, but I love it. (If you want to know about my impression more, you can see my video about this film)

Secondly, is a fabulous film called “Rain man”. This drama, about a real happiness and brother’s love, was able to conquer the heart of million people all over the world. And although it was a part of our Russian homework, you know, I’m very glad and happy that I , finally, watched it, because I heard about this film many times, but I couldn’t find free time for watching. A great acting of famous actors, such as Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, a breathtaking atmosphere and a wonderful plot make this film unforgettable.

  • I, finally, learned a lot idioms connected with body parts and I was convinced once more time that repetitio est matter studiorum)
  • I have to finish reading “Tristan and Isolde” for our Literature class.
  • I found a new cool song by Frank Sinatra “The Way You Look Tonight”(Thanks Ms.B for it) And to tell the truth I don’t really like jazz but this song is so lovely, that I can’t really describe it)))
  • As you may know, I really want to learn playing the guitar, because it’s my dream since childhood, and now I want to show you the part of my first tune!
That’s not too bad for a beginner, right?
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