On the surface, the world described in the article above sounds appealing — but in the longer term…
Jon Southurst

Are you serious? The point of life should be to LIVE. I can think of 10,001 better things to do with my time if I didn’t have to sell my body to capitalists. What, do you think people are just going to lay down and masturbate themselves into a coma because they don’t have to work shitty jobs for shitty wages for shitty people? You think we’re going to stop reading, writing, or making art? You think we’re going to stop having meaningful connections with other human beings- because we don’t have to whore ourselves out to capitalists? What kind of garbage logic is that?

Historically the people who have had the most leisure have been the rich, the nobility, the privileged. How come they never “devolve[d] into… vapid post-human creatures”? Quite the opposite in fact. The greatest muses and thinkers of history have been those rare individuals who didn’t have to work to support themselves.

Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine. Work itself is a negation of our humanity. Do you think people actually think on their deathbeds, “well gosh if only I had spent more time at work, rather than with my family and friends.”

I mean have you even READ the books you cite? 1984 and Brave New World? The WHOLE goddamn point of those books is that everyone works. In fact, I specifically remember the Controller (Mustafa) in the latter book mentioned that unemployment is zero, and that was “proof” of the victory of the system. One of the main protagonists, Bernard, actually wants to be exiled to the Falklands so that he can work on a novel, free from being a cog in the machine who works just to work.

If you’re going to make literary allusions at least try to actually read the books you’re citing. Nowadays it’s like everyone and their mother cries 1984 and BNW at the flimsiest provocation, without any idea of what those books actually say.

The ultimate goal of technological progress should be the triumph of leisure. Work is bullshit; work must be abolished.

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