We are the change generation

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Millennials always get a bad rap for being entitled, self-centred, and shallow. They call us avocado-toast-consuming-selfie-stick wielders. What could have caused an entire generation, from different parts of the world, with completely different life experiences, cultures, languages and beliefs, to surface similar characteristics of seemingly abnormal behaviours when compared to previous generations?

People said the year we were born was probably just ‘bad luck’. We lost so many friends to suicide and depression, right from the very beginning. We look around and many of us think our lives are in shambles — riddled with depression, suicide, divorce, abuse, trauma, alcoholism, drugs, mid-career-malaise and just being a lost generation in general. …

This pandemic may have put a spanner in the works for most people, especially those who prefer to socialise with other human beings. For us quiet, reserved folks, who’d much prefer observing and thinking than entertaining and networking, this pandemic may have started off as all the other days of our lives, but now it feels like the end of the (quiet) world as we know it.

Traditionally, cyberspace has been invaded by us nerds — and we preferred it that way. Recently, everyone and their grandmother is online, Whatsapp calling, Zooming, socialising and making those inane TikTok videos! …

Toxic positivity often prevents people from speaking about the things that they need to speak about

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We sometimes go our whole lives with our stories untold — often for fear of what other people will think, what they will say and who it will offend. Even commenting on a controversial post is something you have to think twice about before you hit send.

I’ve been told to ‘be positive, ‘forget about the past’ and to stop telling things how I see it because it’s not the whole truth. …


Zahara Chetty

Creative Problem Solver, UX Researcher, Writer, Polymath http://zaharachetty.com/

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