Toxic positivity often prevents people from speaking about the things that they need to speak about

Havenside, Chatsworth

Chatsworth guys and their GTI’s

Growing up in during Apartheid, in an Indian township, in the aftermath of the infamous Group Areas Act of the 1960’s, was a traumatic situation. People in Chatsworth often seem like they are resilient and that they are excelling at life with gold teeth, fancy jobs…

Leading as a part of a collective purpose

Human beings all have a soul, and we are here for a purpose. Collectively it is about protecting life, protecting society and protecting the environment — and all the elements that are contained within them. …

Are you falling for fake fads?

How high is your research team? Do you have weed in the vending machine?

Zahara Chetty

Creative Problem Solver, UX Researcher, Writer, Polymath

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