ATST-LON Pulling Back To Support

Several UK stocks are still going through pullbacks. This is where the all-important skill of patience is required, where the trader mindset comes in and where one looks for buying opportunities in a bull trend rather than opening short positions against the trend.

ATST-LON is an example of this. I am long on this and am waiting for a breakout above the pivot high to compound further.

Until then, I will be standing aside or will consider a pullback entry. Having well placed stop losses will mean that I do not get stopped our prematurely but also am in the position to tighten stops if necessary.

Note how pullbacks are part and parcel of the trend. Expect them and embrace them for they are times of opportunity for The Smart Money.

It is during these periods where the expression “trading is simple but not easy” comes in and knowing how to deal with these periods is what separates the 5% that succeed to the rest that don’t.

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