Financials On The Move?

A trends is a function of time. If you eliminate time, you eliminate the trend. If you eliminate the trend, you eliminate profit.

In a previous blog, I wrote about how to never expect instant gratification. In the same blog, I also talked about how to expect price to go against you first before returning a profit.

This has been very true for the Financials sector. Almost immediately after being triggered into ZION, which I last blogged about on December 21st, price went against me and had been stuck in consolidation since.

This is where patience comes in and where I simply stood aside and waited for the forces of the market to take over. By understanding market conditions, I understand how to stack the odds in my favour of a move in the direction of the trend.

My patience seems to have been rewarded with a breakout at the close of play on Tuesday, offering a compounding opportunity. I will be taking this opportunity to add another position.

Below is the daily time frame of ZION.

There was also a breakout on BAC, which I am also in, and will be taking the opportunity to compound. Below is the daily time frame.

My most recent position on USB has moved into profit and I will be looking to compound further when the opportunity presents itself. Below is the daily time frame.

As a rule in my trading plan, I do not trade more than 3 stocks from the same sector but may add a 4th if trends persist. I will be focusing on the above stocks for now, adding further compounds to accelerate the profit phase. I will then consider adding a fourth stock such as PRU in due time.

These stocks are now showing early signs of coming good. Patience is handsomely rewarded in trading.

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