NVDA Finally Breaks 4-Month Consolidation

I last posted on NVDA on March the 20th when price had pulled back to retest the $100 support zone for the 4th time. This support zone since then has held strong and following a 5th retest has now given the foundation for price to break out following a positive earnings release.

Looking at the daily timeframe above, we can see the breakout in more detail.

I first entered in on this when price broke above $40. This moved all the way through to $120 before moving into a 4-month consolidation. All my positions have remained in tact.

As of Wednesday, this broke out and has gone on to create hew highs, closing at $126.50 on Thursday . I am now looking to add further positions to the multiple trades in play the first of which I have held for 12 months now.

I am now looking for price to confirm a continuation of the bull trend and will be looking to add further positions as and when price dictates entries on either breakouts and pullbacks.

I would like to see price move towards $1500 and then $200. If at any point price reverses deeper than I would like, I have a trailing stoploss in play with significant profit locked in.

This has been a very profitable and a very simple trade to take full advantage of.

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