Uses of Image Processing

Some uses of image processing explained here are:

  1. Filtering, cropping, and changing the resolution of the image:
  2. Using in the medical field to find images of broken bones and even diagnose diseases
  3. Uses of image processing in the agricultural field by locating bugs and intruders
  4. Use in Computer Vision as it enables computers to gain information from processing images
  5. Using it in Space to take pictures of stars, galaxies, comets, etc.
  6. Remote sensing: to generate information about land or object without any physical contact with it.
  7. Hurdle detection: to detect the presence of objects in a place

What is Image processing?

Digital Image Processing consists of the various techniques and methods involved in the manipulation of images on a computer. In simple and easy words, Input an image, change or process it and then generate the result as you want. The result doesn’t need to be just an image, it can also be the text or action performed because of the image.

  1. Filtering, cropping, and changing the resolution of the image:
original photo
small sized image
the image that is cropped
with image processing viewing the X-ray results has become easy
image processing applied in different ways from dark, sharp or clear
With help of the latest camera detecting pesticides and making a clear image of them has become easy
different views of the crop which will allow us to better find presence of intruders
The blue color is projected ball when if it goes straight and the red color represents direction of original ball
Satellites are used to take images of Earth from space
Images taken by James Webb Space Telescope
the left side is the image taken by Hubble and the right image is taken by James Webb Space Telescope. We can see the great difference in the quality
Photo by USGS on Unsplash
Processing the image to detect the hurdles is the purpose of image processing



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