Edhi Sb Reading

Edhi sb started his action by selling pencils and matchboxes on the streets and invested the money he earned in a company share. He decided to use half his money for the poor. This is example which is liked by me because a person should start action whatever they have small volume. Step by step a person reach to his destination. I have same example of actions in my life. I started my BS hons with the dream of helping our farmer communities and save our coming generations from hazardous effects of increasing usage of chemicals in fields. I selected Entomology (study of insects) as my specialization because this is the real field which can reduce the level of chemicals usage in the field. I take small step to do something better for our Agriculture. I started my work from the stored product pest and Currently I am working on finding natural means of control of these pests so that we can save our people and coming generations. Day by day I am increasing my actions to reach my destination.

Just start Project: Self Confidence

When I was thinking about my just start project, One thing that is always scroll in my mind is Confidence, confidence and confidence…..!! It is true that when the base will be strong then the building will also be strong. You will have to use that materials in base that will support your building. Self Confidence is the best materials for base of the building of success in one’s life.

Self confidence is much important factor in one’s life to get success so it encourage me to write on this vast and comprehensive topic. From the beginning I was a good student by achieving good grades but I was low in confidence. I never participated in any public speaking activities before coming to university. I was not go to that places where the public activities are held out. The challenges that I faced during my schooling are identified here

Educational System is the most important factor that suppress your confidence. We have that educational system that promote only cramming the things and not give confidence at least school level. This sytem prefer to sit on the seats of listener and not give the seat of speaker. This system give us information but not give confidence.

Educational system of us

Other most important factor that snatch your abilities to become a confident person is your fellows. Some good friends encourage your abilities but everyone is not a good friend of you. They discourage ideas and thought and mostly people follow their discouragement.

When I came in University, I decided to improve my confidence. University provide me an environment to change me at 180 degree angle. I decided following task to boost my confidence

1: Reading habits

2: Becoming Extrovert person

3: Class Representative

Being a confident person, You will have to talk, discuss ideas, discussing your knowledge with the people. For doing that things you will have to read different source of books. After coming in University, I started to go library and started to develop my reading habits. According to my view, this is most important thing to develop the base of confidence.

I was introvert type person before coming to university. I feel shy to talk with people. In the university, you will have to work in groups. So started to talk people due to working in groups. It change my behaviour from introvert to extrovert person. I participated in different social activities which boost up my confidence.

According to my point of view, becoming class representative is the best way to become confident person in short time. I had the keen desire to become CR of my class. I was rejected two times from becoming CR. Third time I was selected on CRship. This gave me a lot of confidence and enable me to cooperate with people.

Confidence is not a inherent ability of a person, It is continuous learning from beginning toward ending. I do all the things which are afraid for me to boost my confidence. Because I think Confidence is the continuous learning.

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