A Place to Call Their Own

Mr. Jawad Aslam is role model for many us as he left his luxurious life to make the world better place. The people like Mr.Jawad are real hero’s who has true spirit of Islam. I’m really surprised by his idea of constructing a society for the poor people of Pakistan who cannot afford expensive homes. All of his efforts give us a lesson of generosity and brotherhood. He faced many difficulties to build up ‘Ansaar Management Company’ from Pakistani politicians, corrupt people, and bureaucratic culture but he did not give up and stuck to his purpose of providing the homes in minimum cost. They refused to make shortcuts and focused on changing the system and making the world better place. The main take away from his story that surprised me is that ‘The result is not your responsibility; the effort is your responsibility’. We cannot win the game without playing so, risks and failures are also part of game.

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