Story about Mentorship

The credit of all the achievements that I have reached goes to my parents but specifically I would like to mention the name of my mentor who really helped me and guided me to become a successful engineer. His name is Mr. Iftikhar Hussain. The base of anything to stand out to reach its maximum potential is really an important factor. For example, if we want to get maximum marks in English then our basics of grammar should be very strong in the same way to grow in life, to get success or to achieve high goals our basic approach to accept the challenges should be positive. This is the main idea behind my success up till now that my mentor developed in me. H build a concept in me that believe in yourself and put your maximum effort in order to reach the heights of success. Nothing is impossible in this world until you stop believing in yourself.

I consider myself very lucky that I found my mentor when I was just 10 year old. At that time, I was unaware of idea of mentorship and I considered my mentors as heroes. As, I already mentioned that Mr. Iftikhar Hussain is my potential mentor. I learned basic rules of success from him as he was so passionate, dedicated and committed to his work that sometimes I thought why he is doing so. He used to take extra time before and after the school timings so that his students should get maximum marks in examination. It was the result of hard work that his class always used to show 100% result. I leaned from his that when we put extra time and go extra miles in order to achieve something then success is always in favor of us. I applied this idea of dedication and commitment to work in my life and always stood first in my class. One day in 2006, he called me and said ‘You should take part in speech competitions’. I denied but he told me in polite way that you can develop these skills by practice and you have the potential to do that. I started practicing for the speech competition that was about the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and I secured 2nd position at district level. He also helped me in improving my English Grammar and writing skills. I practiced again and again and took part in essay writing competitions at district level and secured 1st position. It was the result of hard work and the guidelines of my mentor that, I nominated as PEEF scholar on merit base after 8th class examination. Some people may be thinking that why I’m talking about middle level accomplishments. I’m talking about because this PEEF scholarship helped me in order to complete my graduation. Punjab Government awarded me this scholarship until I complete my studies up to master’s level. My mentor developed such kind of skills in me that I was able to face the challenges in every stage of life. I got 1st position at high school and secured 3rd position at college and now I’m graduated as a successful engineer from well-known university of Pakistan that is UET Lahore. All the credit of these achievements goes to my mentors and I’m very grateful to them.

Mentor ship starts with both humility and courage and humility is basically a quality of being humble. Mentor ship requires both of these qualities because asking for help takes courage and learning from anyone takes humility. Humility teaches us that we all depend on each other in order to become successful. Behind my all of these successes, I believe that one of the important factors is humility. My mentors trusted me and invested their precious time on me because I showed respect to them. Respect is an important factor in order to become successful. As, Cheema sb. Acumen Fellow says ‘Respect is key for great communication. You have to have a positive attitude, humility, and empathy to become a successful person as well as successful professional.’ My parents always gave me an example that the trees who are condescending towards earth are more fruitful than those who are erect one. It also gives us a lesson of humility and respect.