How to turn any website into an app for your Dock. Bulldock Browser

Around 12 months ago my co-founder started to tell me how frustrated he was that he couldn’t easily have multiple Gmail accounts logged in on his Mac. On a weekend I decided to put him out his misery by creating a simple solution (site specific browser) that would turn Gmail into a private browser app for the Dock.

Pretty soon we both realized we were using it for far more than just Gmail. Over time I started to add features that I personally needed. In particular, the ability to have the App always be on top. Great for when you’re watching whilst coding 😉. As well as an auto-refresh feature, useful to keep a page fresh (BBC News for me) without manually having to press refresh all the time.

After polishing the app, submitting to the App Store and going through a grueling 2 month delay to be approved, (I’ll explain in another post), today we’ve released it on the Mac App store. I give you Bulldock Browser 🎉 🎉.

Let me know what you think. We’re also featured on the homepage of Product Hunt. I’d love to get your feedback and support there too.

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