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Ramy Hassan (portrayed by Ramy Youssef) / Hulu

Since its premiere in 2019, Ramy has been the center of discussion in Muslim, Arab, and minority circles around the world. Season 1 garnered plenty thinkpieces and threads about the need for Ramy, and what should be desired from a mainstream depiction of an Egyptian, Arab, Muslim family. Season 2 (and especially its ending) was met with more…strong and immediate reactions. Unlike Season 1, which led to conversations about how we handle various struggles in our community, Season 2 leaves us thinking about how we handle/have handled/have been handled ourselves.

Before we get to the finale, we need to discuss…

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Source: Flickr // Joe The Goat Farmer

You’re involved. You’re passionate. You care for something that matters. This world has a lot of problems and you’re doing your part to solve at least one of them. We need more people like you.

You learned about your cause from personal experience, from someone else, from an informational video, from anything. At this point, what does it matter how you got involved? What’s important is that you are involved. But, through your involvement, you find that there’s too much to do and not enough people to do it.

You spread the word. You host events. You tell all your…

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At some point over the past year, I came to a realization that I imagine many others around my age already understand: Time is moving fast, and is only moving faster. And while I’ve come to terms with this unfortunate fact of life, I can’t help but feel this need to fight against it, like I can’t live a happy life unless I can do what it is I want without Time as a constraint. The problem I’m facing is:

How do you fight against Time?

You don’t. You’re given a hand and now you must figure out how to…

How Ramadan revealed my Best Self

Improvement sometimes comes from a bout of motivation, a desire to become better with all efforts focused on abandoning habits that drag you behind, and picking up new ones that will change your life. Take, for example, a diet. You have the desire to change your nutrition to improve your health, so you abandon fatty foods (well, as much as you can) and pick up more healthy ones. Or, maybe, you want to become more skilled at a sport. You start watching replays of those better than you, picking up the strategies that…

Zahin Hasan

Once in a while, I’ll write a lot of words that ultimately mean very little.

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