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Article Takeaways: Why successful people spend 10 hours a week on compound time

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Disclaimer: I made a gist of this article in my own words for note-taking purposes and want to share it below with everyone. This excellent article has been written by the Bestselling Author Michael Simmons and i will highly recommend reading it till the very last word.

Think more, do less. You will never achieve your goals by staying “busy” all the time. Take out just one hour from your “to-do” list everyday and invest heavily in activities that will build your future.

You have to go slow to go fast. Many world leaders spent 10 hours a week on compound time, i.e., to step away from your busy routine and invest in small things everyday that will give huge returns over time.

Below are 6 compound time things many world leaders do everyday in their lives and you should add them in your day-to-day workflow:

  • Keep a notebook/journal and write your experiences, instant thoughts and learnings everyday.
  • Take at least one nap everyday to increase creativity and productivity.
  • Walk at least 15 mins a day and keep a note/sketch book to write ideas as they come.
  • Read as many relevant books as you can.
  • Get a conversation partner and talk, agree/disagree and argue on every interested topic as often as you can.
  • Make stuff. Do experiments. Fail fast and learn. Don’t assume or give up on things that you love.

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