Five Questions for Those Who Bombed Mogadishu

Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/Getty Images

Another day, another blast but the staggering death toll of the Mogadishu Blast, believe it or, sends shivers down my otherwise, taciturn spine. I simply fail to comprehend the perverted mentality, owned by the orchestrators of such heartbreaking calamities.

Those who depart are obviously worthy of our thoughts and prayers but what makes my heart churn, with woe and misery of the highest altitude, are the haunting images of the bereaved loved ones, and those inflicted with ghastly injuries. They are the ones who have to live through their perennial, unrelenting pain, in this amnesiac and merciless world.

Why and how would any human, invest their universally scant time and energy in devising and finalizing mechanisms, whose sole purpose is to inflict pain and sorrow? Alas, this inquiry of mine will remain half-finished as it is fraught with errors and misconceptions. These entities do not share a semblance with humans, these appear to be the products of a deeply unbalanced, self-interested societal structure, which prides upon incomparable intolerance, bigotry and is keen on projecting unique, unwarranted disdain for humanity, at large.

But no, I should refrain myself, from such passing judgments and finalizing the statures of others, at my whim and mercy? For I too, would be imitating those whose actions I have been denouncing, if I decree them as non-humans or fellow subspecies of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

So, I address you; you who planted the bomb, and you who fashioned the device of death and destruction, along with you, who perfected the time and location for this massacre. I invite all among you; who conspired, aided and abetted each other, in this devious plan to wreak havoc and carnage, in Mogadishu, Somalia. I long to read your answers, I pine to hear your rationale and I desire to understand your side of story.

1. What do you gain from engaging in this mass slaughter exercise?

2. Revulsion and ill-feelings of what magnitude, do you harbor towards random strangers, which convince you to conjure such activities?

3. What can I do to change this?

I have seen this episodic violence, far too often and far too helplessly, merely by virtue of residing in Pakistan, for the past two decades. Supply me with honest answers, if you may.

4. You all must be suitably competent and gifted that you manage to execute bloodbaths, of this magnitude. Do you EVER think about channelizing your talents, resources towards any other endeavors, which may transport much-needed positivity to those around you (if not around the globe), instead of additional woe and anguish?

5. You did not wound Somalia. You wounded the entire world and unmasked the face of hypocritical humanity, in the process. Would you care to call yourself a human, after causing despair to so many of your own kind (whether of your own faith, skin or ideals is a separate discussion)?

To the people of Somalia, I am with you. I am Mogadishu.

I will always be Mogadishu.