An early morning process

Waking up a kid is a hard hard thing. Because even when they wake up. They are never fully awake until seemingly multiple generations later. Its like you have to wake a certain version of them up before they fully wake up to there full being.

Take this morning as an example, at 6 am my siblings alarm went off. I wouldve snoozed it, but I didnt want to take the 100 foot journey that consisted of taking the phone and softly pressing the snooze button. So I decided to just let it ring. It took about five minutes before my brother decided it would be a good idea to turn it off. And thus introduces stage one, a stage im sure everyone can relate to. The stage that consists of noise first entering the ear and causing you to open your eyes groggily as you turn to your left and think to yourself, a) do i want to push that snooze button, b) do i want to get up and c) if I get up thats basically giving in because im getting up and pushing the snooze button. Nonetheless, you get up and push the snooze button. Ulitmatley falling back to sleep. Stage one completed. Then we enter into stage two, the alarm part two.

The Alarm part two consists of the same thing as Alarm part one so there is really no reason to describe myself again on how this whole thing works. The worst part is the third stage. They were lying when they told you that three times a charm (at least in the case of sleeping). Often times it is so hard to wae the person up that the unthinkable: GIVING UP, is entered into the equation. This morning, I told my siblings to get up at least three times. It was only until they found the strength within them that they did. My sister got up from her bed and requested that I drag her from the hallway to her room. And that I did. This routine went back and forth until she decided to finally get up and put her clothes on. And then after she requested that I drag her one more time and drag her I did. This time though, it required a little bit more motivation. I threw my headphons on and played It took me a few seconds to drag her, which really isnt a lot.

The kids all got up and changed. My mission had been completed.

Aspiring writer. Poet. Trynna figure out da life like every other human being. Stay cool yall.