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Listen, as an eighteen year old I know that life has a long path ahead. There is much to do, much to be seen. Etc, etc. But I mean, everyone is making a big deal over this career thing, and sure. Careers are deffinatley important, you need money, your own stable income, and you need to be able to provide for yourself. But with so many options in this world its hard to choose just one thing. And for me at an age like this, it seems that people have there heart set on one thing. And honestly, I tried…

beckoning the birds

not wanting to fright

whispering into ears that

everything will be alright

as the lake quivers beneath the sun

the deep white clouds become one

allowing everything to connect

the last tear from her face slowly is swept

as her sadness wavers

her smile appears

as she lets herself feel

without the chirps

and the constant companionship of the earth

the world would have never been allowed its birth

A tomato is an interesting item. It is both a peculiar shape and a beautiful hint of red. At first, it seems like a vegetable given its appearence when it first meets the eye. However, it comes as a surprise to the person about to indulge in this delicious tomato that it is in fact not a vegetable but a fruit. It becomes even more surprising when you come to the realization that the only thing keeping this semi-juicy fruit from becoming an apple is its peculiar raw texture and its interesting fleshy inside. But it is this difference that…

Waking up a kid is a hard hard thing. Because even when they wake up. They are never fully awake until seemingly multiple generations later. Its like you have to wake a certain version of them up before they fully wake up to there full being.

Take this morning as an example, at 6 am my siblings alarm went off. I wouldve snoozed it, but I didnt want to take the 100 foot journey that consisted of taking the phone and softly pressing the snooze button. So I decided to just let it ring. It took about five minutes before…

There are many feet that have hit the floor of my house.

Feet with dirt.

Clean feet.

Clean feet to be met with dirt.

Feet with sugar. Sugar that spilled from the top of the pantry, trying to be reached.

Trying to be reached by hand thats to short.

But try they must. Try they must. They must percerviere.

But then the sugar falls and we have sugar feet.

Sugar feet. Sugar feet.

But somehow… it all works as a rythym, it all works as a beat.

Step one two three. Everything is in harmony.

The mistakes that we make…

If words were planted in the ears of people, then maybe people could take the time, to acknowledge them, nurture them and let them grow. Letting it unfold into the flower it new it could become.

- I am cool

- I have the ability to listen

- I like to run

- I eat pretty healthy when I don’t over think it

- I can trust myself

- I stay active

- I am a writer

- I am a writer

- I am a writer ahahhahaa

- I need to be more confident but that’s ok

- I want to be a humble person

- I don’t want to be so obsessed with my image that it clouds my judgement and also just distracts me from things I love

- I want to trust…

The Comic Review: Thoughts on Reading Comics

I recently started to get really into comics. The colors, the bubbles, the story. Everything about comic books is just so awesome. Upon coming back from college, the first thing I did was go to the comic book store. I loaded up on them and even got a whole 10 pack for one dollar. As I started to read I noticed something: it takes more then one read to truly understand a comic. The first few reads are simply either reading the bubbles and glazing over the pictures or looking into the depths of the pictures and ignoring the bubbles. But when you finally put it together it’s great. The comic universe is created and all the different characters are implanted in your brain. Comic Books are truly awesome.


Aspiring writer. Poet. Trynna figure out da life like every other human being. Stay cool yall.

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