I strolled through your mind and you captured mine
Until one hour turned into nine
The further we walked, the deeper we talked
Until we shared sweet silence with a bright moon
And we wondered
How come the night always falls so soon,
When we’re together

You were that ever lost feeling that I finally found
Musical, artistic, at the bottom of my soul something profound
So I treasured it
I challenged time and distance
Oh and I challenged my wallet too
It felt worth it, cuz it was done for you
And I’m not holly, I’m not even whole
But one thing’s for sure, I gave you my all
I pushed December to Jan to be here
Un-boxing your new year
A heart to cheer,
A smile to share
A love so dear
But we can’t fly with one wing
Yet for that, you always had an answer so clear

You’re running out of excuses 
Cuz I gave you a dozen
And you topped that with ten
Let’s not pretend that this isn’t the end
Let’s not waste one more excuse
A promise after another but
There’s no use
You can’t win it all, this time you lose.

Originally published at dagherzzz.tumblr.com.

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