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If you have come across this article then I must assume that you have basic knowledge about Robotic Process Automation aka RPA and how it works. But let me just give an overview for newbies in this domain or for someone whom vocabulary has recently updated with word RPA.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. RPA robots utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform on a vast variety of repetitive tasks. Only substantially better: an RPA software robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.

Why it’s different from Traditional Automation?

In contrast to other, traditional IT solutions, RPA allows organizations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously encountered. RPA is also non-intrusive in nature and leverages the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which would be difficult and costly to replace. With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost but a byproduct of the automation.

How does it work?

RPA robots are capable of mimicking many–if not most–human user actions. They log into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill in forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from documents, scrape browsers, and more.

What is WorkFusion?

WorkFusion is AI-driven automation and RPA software which offers intelligent automation at scale for companies across the globe and that lets automate web, desktop, and terminal applications. Forward-thinking businesses and leading enterprises across the business spectrum choose WorkFusion to reduce their total costs, up-skill their workforces and gain a competitive edge. It offers 3 types of intelligent automation products having different prices and features in them.

  • Express (Community Version — Free)
  • Business (30-day Trial)
  • Enterprise


  • Make sure your computer meet System Requirements.
  • Stop your running programs.
  • Check if automatic Windows updates are not running at the moment. Otherwise, they should be paused.
  • Run the installer as Administrator.
  • In case of installation includes a Server package, make sure you open ports 15100, 15110, 15280 for external usage inside your network (if you plan to use it on other computers).
  • Make sure that ports 15410–15423, 15444, 15580, 15306 are closed to any external interaction.
  • Starting from RPA Express 2.3.3, port 8200 should be open for incoming connections from local machines.

Selecting Licensing Model:

  • RPA Express Starter is a completely free product for individual use only, with no trial period, no license generated, and fewer system requirements. Within the licensing model, WorkFusion Studio is installed, OCR and RPA components are provided.
  • RPA Express Pro Business Trial — during the trial period of 30 days, you can use all Pro features available with RPA Express Pro Business. After the trial period expires, you can either subscribe and continue RPA Express Pro Business, as a fully-featured enterprise product, or continue working in Control Tower with the limited features.
  • RPA Express Pro Business includes the whole set of server components together with WorkFusion Studio, thus enabling you to automate complex use cases, manage multiple bots, and run automation unattended at scale.

The installation procedure described below refers to RPA Express 2.4.0. To install earlier versions, refer to [RPA Express Lumen] Installation (version 2.2.3 and earlier).

Depending on what licensing model you have selected, the installation procedure varies. At the moment, there are two installation options.

  • Development Workstation — installation of WorkFusion Studio together with OCR and RPA components for developing and testing RPA automation. No server components (Control Tower, WorkSpace, File Storage) are available for the installation within RPA Express Starter licensing model.
  • Development Workstation and Server — installation of WorkFusion Studio and all server components to manage multiple bots and running automation unattended at scale. The installation type is available for RPA Express Pro Business and Trial licensing models.

I will cover RPA Express (Free Version) installation in this guide.

How to download RPA Express?

  • After clicking on Submit terms and conditions window will appear. Click on Accept and Download.
  • Page will be redirected to download page and download window will be popped up automatically.

RPA Express Starter Installation:

RPA Express Starter refers to a completely free product, with no trial period, no license generated, and fewer system requirements.

If you have downloaded RPA Express Starter, you will be able to install WorkFusion Studio, together with OCR and RPA components. The installation type available in this scenario is Development Workstation (Free) only.

  • Go to your download location and double click on FreeIntelligentAutomationCloudInstaller.exe file.
  • When you will open this installer, downloading will get started.
  • After downloading, To start the installation process, you must accept the License Agreement. Click License Agreement to view it.
  • Enter the email you used when registering for RPA Express.
  • Development Workstation (Free) is selected by default. Click Next to proceed.
  • On the RPA Express Administrator Credentials screen, enter Administrator username and password that will be used to centrally manage your automation and click Next.

– Pick any username and password at your choice, though observe the following requirements.

– The username should be 5 to 20 characters long and contain lowercase Latin letters and digits. Special symbols are not allowed.

– The password should be 8 to 20 characters long and contain Latin letters and digits. Special symbols are not allowed.

  • Set the destination folder for RPA Express installation and click Install.
  • Accept a security prompt by clicking Yes.

The window above appears in case the current Windows user does not have Administrator rights. User Access Control (UAC) is set to notify the user when applications try to make changes to a computer.

  • The installation process will start.
  • Wait until the installation is finished and click Finish. To launch RPA Express, click on the RPA Express icon on your desktop.

It may takes sometime to initiate for the first time after booting windows

  • Create a new project/recording and start working on it as per your workflow.
  • Time for some bot action.

I hope this guide will surely help you in installing WorkFusion RPA Express on your machines. Just explore studio as well as its forum to stay updated regarding it and feel free to contact me if you face any problem. Have a nice day tech explorers!

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