Act of Kindness

So I was just watching random videos on YouTube few days back and found some interesting videos, but the video that wakes me up like I was sleeping for the long time was made by the Chris Collins who owns the YouTube channel called “The Exotic Revolution” if I am stated right. The title of the video was “Lamborghini owner picks up a homeless man”. When I read this line I said to myself why would a man that owns the Lamborghini wants to pick up a homeless guy. But after watching a 6 min 15 Sec, it opened my eyes

And it’s not just stop there, another video called “Lamborghini Owner Picks up A Homeless Man. Alex Is Back! And He Is Ready For His Job Interview” just blow my mind.

The men who woke up in the morning decided to go out and help the needed one ended up get that man a job interview that can really turn that man’s life upside down.
After that day I started to think what are the simple acts of kindness that I can do in my community and what are some acts of kindness that I can share with others so that they can also do these simple acts. I assure, after doing this, your heart will fill with satisfaction and sleep, after this will be very good that you will feel the difference. I knew some AOK like smile, helping someone with money, lifting bags for the others, helping elders to cross the road, purchase food to someone, or not buzzing front car if it stops in the middle of the road. But what else can be done.
One of the online courses that I am taking right now, got the blog named “101 Easy Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness” written by Jessica Misener.
I choose five acts that can be done in Pakistan because I lives in Pakistan and set the clock for 24 hours. The challenge was to complete these 5 acts within 24 hours duration. I know most of you think it’s not a challenge and we could do 50 in this duration. But it’s not like just do, but also taking time to feel the change that happened around you and in you.
1. Be kind to the customer service rep on the phone. It’s not their fault: It was not on the phone, but in-person. What happened is that I and my friends met after two years. We had a quality time together and talked about my things. We stop at the coffee shop and I decided to purchase Halwa with Chai (Tea). I came back and we opened the box and there was a strange smell and I knew something was wrong, I became so mad but my friends cooled me down. I went back to the shop and asked to return it and they said we cannot have it back buy another one. I tried to keep myself calm and talk to the manager and after a few minutes he agrees to give me another one.
2. When you’re throwing something away on the street, pick up any litter around you and put that in the trash too: It was the easy act that I found here.
3. Leave a nice server the biggest tip you can afford: Two days ago me and my friend decided to eat in late hours, we called some places to send us some food but they said time is over now. After a few tries we found a place and called them and they sent us a meal. We both decided to give that men that money which he will return to us. And we did that.
4. Call your grandparents. Call them!: Couple of weeks ago, my uncle got married. My grandmother specially called me to attend the wedding, but dew the busy schedule I did not attend. On top of it, I did not call her to say I cannot come now so he was upset and angry. I called her and apologizes to her for not attended the wedding and lighten her mood a bit and now she is happy and waiting for the june because I said I am coming to see you in june. Inshallah.
5. Be the person who puts a tip in the tip jar at the coffee shop; Here in Pakistan we do not have lots of coffee shop having the tip jar but we do have particular boxes in the shops for the charitable purposes. I decided to go in three different shops and put money in the boxes I did not buy anything from there but put some money in the box.