How to Fight Procrastination with a Pomodoro

TED Talk by Tim Urban

After watching this video (you just witnessed (maybe)) I came to know that in my work the thoughts I get to watch a video on YouTube or let’s watch a movie or we have time to get it done, let’s do something else is actually a monkey lives in my brain area and holds the sailing wheel. But it’s good to know that there is also a panic monster that help me complete my task on the edge of time and gives back the sailing wheel to Rational decision maker.

So how to overcome this, for this I was told a technique called Pomodoro.

How to overcome this? For this I was told by my mentors a technique called Pomodoro.

Now a days I am doing my MS thesis and problem is that I am unable to do it with consistency. So I decided to give it a shot. I did not have the kitchen clock so I put a 25 min timer in my phone, blocked all my desktop notification and silent (not vibrate) my phone. 25 mins were like a wind. I did put timer 3 times more and really help me to work better. After 4 times on the timer I watch a 30 min video on youtube and again put a 25 min timer and start working again on my work. This time I used my facebook and twitter account. This technique is very easy to implement and on each cycle, you can put some reward for yourself. Which motivates you to finish your work so that you can get the prize. In the past few days this technique helped me a lot and I am trying to make it like a habit in my life.