Mentor & Humility

According to Cambridge English Dictionary Mentor is: “A person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time, especially at work or school

Everyone in this world needs a mentor in their life at some point. It does not matter if you are a genius or not. You think you know all or not. We all need someone that can help us to achieve what we want. There are many reasons why we need a mentor, but let’s list down a few of them.

  1. Information and knowledge
  2. Ways to improve
  3. Stimulate personality and growth
  4. For encouragement
  5. Set the boundaries
  6. Trusted adviser
  7. Connectors
  8. Share their life experience
  9. They are priceless

I had a few mentors in my life. My parents are on top of the list. They helped me at every stage of my life. (Most notably) Whether it is not performing in class or screwing the well written speech in front of a bunch of peoples. He always helped me to get it through. There was a time when I thought this is the end of my education, but my father motivated me a lot along with my mother. Not only I got admission to the university, I also got the scholarship. That day My parents were happy and I never ever forget that day in my life. After my bachelors I was not able to find the job in first 6 months and was very disappointed. My father, he re-energize me to pursue Masters. The positive energy that both my parents create around me to be happy and live my life is un-returnable.

Another thing that is really important along with a mentor is humility. As the definition tell us humility is: The quality of not being proud because you are aware of your bad qualities.

In many religious and philosophical traditions humility is interpreted as a virtue.

If we could understand the power of Humility, we can have what we wanted the most. For that following the few points that can help you to understand the power of humility.

  1. Understands individual limitations
  2. Listens more
  3. Withholds judgments
  4. Appreciates others
  5. Respects others
  6. Helps others

If we want to incorporate humility in our life, then we need to understand two things. First, it all starts from the heart and second we need to remind ourselves that nobody knows everything. You can live life without humility, but cannot leave the impact on others without it.

If I look at my past life to see when I put my humility to the side. I see accidents that I had on the bike. When I did not listen to the people around me, or when I did not respect the road or the people. For some this example is not relevant, but if you see it in the broader sense you will definitely understand what I am trying to say.