Win People’s Heart

“Respect”, the most common word in the entire universe. But nowadays it is not that much common as it was before. Because everyone has their own view (or interpretation) about it. The installment of this word starts from the time we are able to move (or talk), our parents and people around us, teach us how to respect other people and any living thing. When we became men or women (enter into adulthood) most of us forget (or misinterpret) the word respect. It became past how we use to respect people and any living thing in our childhood. I know this world not always do justice with you and harsh environment changes the personality of every living thing in this world. But one key point that we miss is that when we were respectful what we accomplished? The time when we were not haunted by the bitterness of this world, what we had? This seven letter word all we had and whatever we had in our childhood, it was all because of this seven letter word “Respect”.

A few days ago I was taking an online course. That course contained the 17 pages’ content from the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie written in 1936. After reading those pages I realized every story in these pages contains the common theme which is “respect”. That respect part led them to show their passion about everyone. These pages contain artist, politician, nurse, Businessmen, magician, and writers, very diverse type of peoples, but giving respect is the only thing found common.
Story of George Dyke, how he became the “Uncle George, the fiddle scraper from Kinzua county”. His respect and passion towards other fiddle player make him interested to know about them. Or the Howard Thurston shows respect to his viewers and how that led him to get interested in them. Or the guy from J&J who meet the people in the store first, ask about them pass good wishes and then meet the owner of the store. That deed makes him interesting for the owner to get interested in him. 26th president of the United States of America “Theodore Roosevelt”, his respect toward his worker and anybody he meets. The way he gets interested in small thing like the bread made by the Alice, and wish to see bobwhite by Amos’ wife. Makes him the guy everyone wish to have as a friend. On thanksgiving day a nurse celebrated with the child patient and stayed after her duty time. The Duke of Windsor studied Spanish to make his speech which was loved by people. Editor of the magazine explains why people do not read the article. How tippy the dog does not need to read/learn how to make friends. All these stories tell you about the gaps you have made in your life.
So how we can relearn the value of respect and get interested in people to fill gaps. We know this, respecting people can make you win hearts and they can be your friends for life. But, how? That question cannot be answered easily, because there are many things that can be done, but I will be putting the most important ones which led you to people and show your interest.

  • Smile
  • Truthfulness
  • Sincerity
  • Unselfishness
  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Kindness

The above seven deeds (I will call them deeds), I am trying to put them in my life. I was not disrespectful toward people but never got a high level interest in someone. But now I realized that if I do some effort I can win people’s heart more than before. While I was writing this I remember something, I remember my elders past that they told me (of course). At that time every person in a block knew every other person. What they do? How they live? Where they live? What they do for a living? How many friends they had? Young children respect elders and how elders take care of them even if they are not their own. Strangers or travelers were always welcomed that time. The atmosphere, the environment at that time was so good that it makes them sad now when they think. If you ask your grandparents or even parents, they will definitely point out the above seven points or at least few.

Now, whenever I meet someone I smile, start a conversation, ask about them, their life, what they are doing now, what are their plans and share mine too if they ask because it is not a one-way street, its the two-way. And believe it or not I found some interesting thing about my friend which I did not know before. Now I am part of the whatsapp group where we talk everyday. Exchange with my thoughts and listen to theirs. It has brought old pals together.