Class 1 : Well frankly speaking before our first class with Steve I hardly knew anyone in fact i didn’t even know their names but Steve started with a very interesting activity in which each person has to do an action when they tell their name and the whole class will repeat it and at the end of the activity i was shocked to see that i knew everyone’s name within couple of few minutes! It was an amazing activity and after that activity the entire class started to come of their reserved mode and we started mingling with each other

And after the activity steve divided us into teams and we had a brainstorming session in which Steve wanted to know what all values and the activities we want to do in class and all the groups came up with various ideas. That’s something very great as Steve gave us an opportunity to select what we are actually interested in.

And we ended our class with a video on social entrepreneurship.

#socinnesp Steven Asei Dantoni #khan