Class 2 : Well at the end of class 1 Steve asked us to prepare a small talk on a social entrepreneur who inspired us the most so we started our class with a small talk about a social entrepreneur who inspired the most and

After that we watched a ted talk. The main concept that was shown in the red talk was how to solve a complex problem and the speaker said that the best way to solve a complex problem is by having an open mind towards everyone and by taking everyone’s opinions into consideration.

I found this very motivating as in life no matter how much money we make or no matter how much powerful we get in order to succeed we should always have an open mind to everyone’s opinions and we should take it into consideration. We must always try to learn from everyone cause we never know sometime a kid can also teach us a valuable lesson.

Then Steve divided us into groups of 2 people and asked us to find a social problem and then come up with a social innovation to solve that problem and it should be in such a way that we should be able to explain it to a 10 year old kid. It was really nice to see all my class mates coming with innovative ideas which were simple and easy to understand yet it could make a big difference for our society

Steven Asei Dantoni #khan

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