Letter Of Hope. Photo by Zaida Vasconcelos

As palavras de uma criatura;

My repentance comes with knowing, I am a sinner in need of Christ every day. May your precepts reflect daily in my actions, speech and thoughts.

Should I then boast on myself?

In what…

My flaws!

My failures!

My groaning pains!

My insecurities!

Minha imperfeita vida!

My accomplishments!

For this reason even those who hold a title struggle because of its temporary satisfaction.

Yet, in a blink of eye when their lives slip through their hand. Naked, they go back to be face to face with the Creator.

Therefore, I dare not boast in myself, but I boast in Christ Jesus who paid it all on the cross.

I dare not count my days as lost because he won the battle for me.

I dare not judge a another human for I do not hold the authority to command, make or destroy one’s soul. Neither can I perceive one’s thoughts.

Help me Oh Lord…not to disregard or judge those whom I do not possess as “My creation!

Forgive my shortcomings.

Bless and forgive those who judged me and speak nothing but evil.

For truly, Oh Lord…they are just as sinners as I….in need of your mercy.

First and for most, create in me a new heart.

Write faithfulness in my heart.

Guia-me na sua presença.

Under your wings I find refúgio.

Let a minha voz find its place in your holy sanctuary.

Oh, my dear spirit find rest in your creator, always and always!

Estende sua mão sobre mim.

In sin, I came but in death my soul shall say “I have run my race, the race of faith

Like in the old, the prostitute found redemption at your feet.

Too, I know you have brought redemption into my life.

By faith, my name shall be written as the faithful one.

A woman after your own heart. In my darkness, You sought me.

In my brokenness you said “ Fear not, for I am always with you

Like a prodigal son, you celebrated my coming and called me “Child

You humble me “Como uma porcelana de ouro.”

You capture me by your unchanging Amor.

You show me grace every morning.

You don’t not remember my shortcomings.

You show kindness and patience unto me Oh Lord.

You keep hidden my cries.

And in the secret place, you reveal yourself to me.

And declare;

Who then dares to question my love for you? Who then dares to question my goodness and…
my saving hand? No man! No man!

Oh Paz!

Oh Conciliador!

Oh Pai dos céus!

Truly, I boast in your goodness forever and ever. Amen!

Xoxo Z.

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