Letter of Hope. Photo by Zaida Vasconcelos

Get rid of the toxic…

I’m not here to follow you, your dreams or hopes. For I too have my own!

I am not here to befriend you especially if you are the barrier, the poison that is about to destroy what GOD is has started to do in my life.

I’m not here to impress you nor to speak gently or to show kindness;

Because I might not always do what is right or common in the eyes of MAN.

When “killing a fetus” is the new thing

When “father tries to claim his rights” By saying “I deserve join custody” Yet, forgets his child’s birthday, graduation day, and is a no show at the first soccer game.

Stop taking walks with his son, because he is too busy kissing another woman’s lips.

When women and children are easily abused, left broken and unwanted.

When one can carelessly send a email slandering the next to put themselves up on a pedestal and expects no emails in return.

So you say, how could You be a Christian! Because of what I say might hurt you, pain you to the max.

I chose not to be dragged along with you.

So in your eyes perhaps, I am too blunt, disrespect and selfish. I tell you neither am I perfect or do I care what you think.

When your thoughts are consumed by guilt, confusion, hatred and lies. It easy to claim you are right, when you are not ready to face your own faults and flaws!

Until you see my thoughts, feel my emotions walk a mile on my shoes

I am not here, to justify to you my faults or even my salvation.

By whom and ONLY the title was given “sinless man” and was crowned


Xoxo Z.

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