I become.

So, a few days ago I found there’s a possibility to fix the ID, so it is correct. I got happy but sad.

Turns out, nothing has changed in México regarding the process to fix the paperwork; I still have to go to Mexico city to get the birth certificate fixd and stuff. Sounds pretty expensive and troublesome and so on.

I wish to make this paperwork sometime, preferably sooner than later. But in the meantime, I simply cannot afford to.

As a result of that slight misunderstanding, I got all introspective as I usually get whenever something strange happens around me.

Well, I was thinking, ¿Do I really want to do this? I have many doubts about the whole “life” thing. Some days, I really would rather not have any of this.

So after thinking a lot, I came to the conclusion that after all, I am who I have chosen to be. One can claim that it is genetic, that it’s social, that it’s anything at all, but in the end, it simply is reduced to this question: Am I going to keep being alive or not?

After a few attempts to end life, it turns out I kind of prefer to be alive rather than dead. So in that essential sense, it is a choice to be whomever and whatever it is I am.

I am who I am, and I have chosen to live my life as I have done. That is the final truth to it. I cannot deny that whatever situations I have faced, I had the possibility to do things differently than I have done.

That is all.

Have a good day.

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