Long gone are days of technical writers merely annotating screenshots, writing FAQs, and serving as an afterthought to development. With the growth of RESTful APIs and microservices, documentation is more important than ever for both accelerating internal development, supporting technical sales and partner teams, and facilitating smooth external integrations. In…

Experiences of a developer turned technical writer

Product Documentation by DeveloperHub.io

Product documentation is often an afterthought. Developers primarily focus on creating a cool product. They can’t wait for users to get started with it, often with bare minimum documentation, completely ignoring the user’s point of view. In today’s digital economy, customers can choose from an abundance of popular, well received…

Power tools for you with our Startup and Grow Plans 🚀

Product launch results

DeveloperHub.io launch has been absolutely fantastic with hundreds of published projects, and thousands of beautiful pages hosted on DeveloperHub.io domain and custom domains.

We couldn’t be anymore happier with such a launch where we scored #4 Product of the Day on ProductHunt at different times of the day.

ProductHunt Launch

Hundreds of…

Today, DeveloperHub.io launches to modernise and make beautiful documentation available to everyone.

What’s the story?

Click to see: Product Hunt Launch

I moved to London and I have been working on my startup, DeveloperHub.io, for 7 months now, and today — finally, I am launching our product. So what is it?


DeveloperHub.io is a managed service to create beautiful hosted documentation online 🚀

English please?
That means that if you want your…

A story of poor backend security in midst of scandals and new regulations.

Even though they promote smart dating by using science and machine learning, their website was so easy to hack into in 15 minutes.

Will Smith being friend-zoned by the robot Sophia. So much for Hitch.


I am not a fan of online dating, nor do I have any online dating apps installed on my devices. I have tried few of the…

A look at the psychological behaviour of employees. How to motivate and compensate them. When to promote them.

Previously entitled: How to Get Your Employees to Leave Your Company?

The most important task of every leader in a team is to drive peak performance from their employees.

Peak performance can either be achieved through training or motivation. Motivation comes intrinsically from within one’s own self, and generally one…

Zaid Daba'een

Building beautiful Developer Hubs @ DeveloperHub.io. Delivering Smart Power for EVs/Drones @Chargifi. UK Exceptional Talent @TechNation. Flew Drones @NASA 🚀

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