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The Power Of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Within Our Lives

The greatest discovery of my generation is the fact that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” (William James)
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We each have a particular way of looking at the world. This is what we would call our attitude and it determines much of our results in life.

Understand: Your attitude is the reason why you either feel fulfilled or miserable in life.

What Is Attitude?

Attitude is the particular lens that each of us see the world through. It is the driving force that colors and shapes our perceptions.

Attitude is a conscious or unconscious decision on how to act within the world. It determines what we look for and therefore, it determines what we find in terms of results within our lives.

There are two types of attitudes that we can implement within our mental framework: The Negative Attitude & The Positive Attitude.

The Negative Attitude

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People who feel vulnerable and weak unconsciously choose to foster the negative attitude because it allows them to avoid any unexpected and negative consequences withinvtheir day to day lives.

The negative attitude constricts as opposed to expands life experience.

Because the negative attitude comes from a place of fear and playing to not lose, it automatically resists any new experience that may present itself.

From the perspective of the negative attitude, how can you become disappointed if you do not place yourself in situations where disappointment may manifest?

This seems logical, but it’s a losing game because life is inherently chaotic and unpredictable.

The negative attitude fundamentally comes from a place of hate and loss aversion.

Nothing good comes from moving through life from a place of hate and loss aversion.

This type of attitude only causes more suffering and results in negative life results.

The negative attitude is atomistic as opposed to holistic.

The negative attitude does not take the whole into account and only focuses on the isolated parts.

This seems like a good strategy, but it doesn’t work because much of life is holistic as opposed to atomistic.

The Positive Attitude

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The positive attitude expands life experiences as opposed to restricts it.

The positive attitude, by default, opens up new doors of opportunity and experience.

It embraces new experience and takes everything as a learning experience.

The positive attitude is holistic, not atomistic.

The positive attitude views everything as interconnected and therefore, thinks from the holistic perspective.

Because of this, sustainable results are generated within life because they see the whole as opposed to the individual parts.

The positive attitude comes from a place of love and gain.

All great things come from love and the perspective of gain.

Everything becomes colored with positivity from this perspective and it allows the individual to yield great results within all areas of life.

Below, we’ll discuss the role that attitude plays when it comes to the context of self-fulfilling prophecies.

How Attitude Creates Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Attitude directly determines what we achieve within our lives.

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, either a positive or negative attitude is created.

Secondly, this attitude colors and shapes our perceptions of the environment.

Thirdly, our perceptions dictate how we react to that environment.

Fourthly, the way we react to our environment leads to the results that we get.

Let’s go through some examples of how this works.

Josh takes on a negative attitude in terms of his health. As a result, his mind searches for all the ways in which is health is dysfunctional as opposed to searching for solutions.

Because he is so focused on his dysfunctional health, he manifests more illness into his life because of chronic stress and a further deepening of his unhealthy behaviors.

The result is more illness, both of the mind, body, and spirit.

Lucy used to have a negative attitude in terms of her father being abusive towards her verbally.

But then, one day, she viewed her fathers behavior from the larger perspective. She began to uncover that her father’s father was also abusive towards him in the very same way. This revelation created empathy and perspective within the psyche of Lucy.

Now, she takes on a positive attitude about her previous experiences with her father. Even though she still has her moments where she looks back at her experience through the lens of suffering, she feels much more at ease because she decided to take it as a learning experience.


The major lesson is that our attitudes create self-fulfilling prophecies within all areas of our lives. This makes it unbelievably important to take control of our attitude and cultivate one of positivity.

Question Of The Day

“Are you engaging in a negative or positive attitude within your day to day life?”

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