I suck at being brown.
Hassan S. Ali

Hey Hassan! Hope You’re doing fine.

I’m from Singapore and here at my country there are people with a Muslim identity stated on their I.D card. But, in reality they are more of someone who is “Born” with it and not actually a believing and practicing Muslim.

Well, we can’t really know whether a person actually believes in Allah or not. That is between them and Allah.

But, somehow Malays are like becoming a synonym for Muslim. It has become a cultural norm that if someone is a Malay, he or she must be a Muslim, if not, you’ll face getting scorned by the community.

Like in the states and other Europen countrie, they might be mistaken that if you’re brown then you’re Muslim too I guess?

To me, if anyone wants to live with the identity as Muslim, the least they should do is not to cause terror around the world.

All religion seeks peace. The Earth is already dying so we shouldstick together keep it that way!

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