Khudi and Self Learning :

Khudi and self learning is a passion that when anyone know about his passion you can see that this person enjoys a lot in his passion and doing hard work and doing work day and night but still he will not tired by doing his work. So one thing is that when person experiencing new things then he will learn which field is better for him. So EDHI SB had been know that his passion is not to study education but in his early childhood he knew his passion and KHUDI is to helping the poor and needy people so he started working day and night and gave his best to achieve and giving best in his field and became a most influential person in the world. I am very impressed by the example of EDHI SB when he gave his attention to the man who is sleeping near the closed shop and shivering with fever then EDHI SB went back home took some bread pieces and blanket for him and EDHI SB realize that this is his passion and self learning. So by this point of EDHI SB I choose my professional field by doing AMAL first doing internships in the power field but afterwards I realize that this is not my passion and started working as a internee in NESTLE in project department from which I realize that my passion is in the project management field and I am doing my best in this field and doing hard work in this field because I am enjoying very much in this field.

Just start activity:

I start my just start project by speak in English with people. There are many hurdles in past which I face in the past like I can’t speak in English with people. I want to achieve this because in my professional life it is very important to speak in English. In the past I faced many problems like can’t speak in English with people so just start project is very helpful for me.

In this task I faced many problems and challenges like can’t speak fluently in English but due to this activity I will be able to speak in English slowly. I learnt very much through this project like learnt more English words enhance my English vocabulary. My next step is to took part in English speech competitions and took part in debates.

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