Why I expected a Buhari presidency to bring difficult times for Nigerians

  1. Buhari will try to fight corruption. Of course corruption will fight back, guns blazing. You can’t expect people who have been living lavish lifestyles sponsored by government coffers to just roll over and give it all up. This points to an all out fight between the Govt and the Cabal. Nigerians will get caught in the middle.
  2. Buhari appears to be quite strong minded and will not compromise on certain things he believes are right. Unfortunately, sometimes a compromise is what is needed in order to ease the pains of Nigerians. Buhari seems like the type of person to justify the plight of Nigerians as a sacrifice for the greater good. Is he right to believe this? Only time will tell.
  3. Most Nigerian politicians have no plans on how to tackle the issues on ground when they come into their positions. Manifestoes have now become a collection of campaign slogans. Because that’s all they use it for, to campaign. And so when they win, they are unable to hit the ground running. How can they when they don’t even understand the issues on ground. When they finally do understand, they are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issues they have to solve. Meanwhile, Nigerians stay suffering while the new government is trying to ramp up.
  4. Our problems are so deep rooted and complicated that nothing but an innovative intellectual approach can tackle them without Nigerians paying the price. Electricity for example, tariffs have been increased to make the industry more attractive to investors. It’s very simple logic that might work eventually but will result in Nigerian tears in the meantime. Only deeper solutions can work and still spare Nigerians the hard times.

I personally don’t mind the tough times so long as we come out on the other side as a better country. I however don’t believe Nigerians need to be offered up as sacrifice before this country can get to the other side but the limitations of our current ruling class is currently forcing it to be so.

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