hello your favourite dutchie is back, oh damn i mean namaste! If the topic is India I should do it the proper Indian way no? A quick lesson for the people who don’t know the meaning of the Indian greeting, namaste literally translates to “I bow to the divine in you”. You bring your hands together while they’re touching palms in front of your chest and you bow your head just a little bit while saying the greeting, don’t go all in with the bow remember this is the Indian way and not the Japanese. Try the greeting out if you’re in India or maybe even do it for your Indian friends/acquaintances and impress them, yes so you do know about their cultural greetings after all.

I actually have so much to tell but I couldn’t find a starting point, but then I actually used my brain (a first in a long time) and thought to myself why not start of by giving them information about the history of Jaipur? after all the parties the brain still works, thank god!

Like I told you all before Jaipur was founded in 1727 by maharaja Jai Singh II, I know you forgot it and yes I forgive you, just try to remember for the sake of Jai Singh II yeah? A little info about the founder, Maharaja Jai was a Kachwaha Rajput. Don’t freak out yet I’m here to explain both words to you alright? Kachwaha was an Indian Hindu warrior clan of Rajput’s, Rajput’s meaning literally “the son of the kings” so a warrior clan of sons from many kings, sounds like a fancy club if you ask me. Maharaja Jai kingdoms population was growing and the available water was getting scarcer by the day, so he needed to shift the capital of his kingdom. Jaipur became the first planned Indian city. Maharaja took his time with making a layout for his new city, or as he would call it “the city of victory”. The city was designed by the architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, well that was more easy to write than to pronounce! He designed the city as per Vastu Shastra also known as “Hindu architecture”.

It took almost 4 years to complete the mayor aspects of the city like roads and squares. Maharaja Jai was big on security aspects, which is understandable who would want to lose a city like Jaipur to the enemy? This is why huge fortification walls were made along with seven strong gates. The city is full of beautiful forts, mesmerizing palaces and lovely temples. The city is a architectural beauty to behold in today’s world. Credits are given where they’re due, Maharaja Jay Singh II and Vidyadhar Bhattacharya did a brilliant job, dream team no?

Don’t tell me that wasn’t interesting? And if you’re not the history lover, please know I tried my best to keep it short! I think it’s time for me to show you a magic trick, one which is called how to convince the person reading this to visit Jaipur by showing them the attractions of this city, ought to be good..

This is the city palace of jaipur. It’s a royal palace complex which includes the chandra mahal and mubarak mahal. Remember mahal? Indian word for palace my friend! The vast grounds include beautiful courtyards, gardens and buildings. The architecture truly reflects the Rajasthani and Islamic Mughal architecture. The palace chandra mahal is now the residence of the current royal family, the biggest part of the palace has now been made into a tourist attraction. The palace has a museum, big art gallery and many displays of old royal uniforms, clothing, weaponry and handcrafts. The many gates with which you can enter the palace are very famous for the beautiful designs. The city palace of jaipur can not miss on your to-visit list in the city

day or night isn’t it a sight to behold? If only I could live in it, hey I can always dream! Now this eye pleaser is called the Hawa mahal, also known as “the palace of breeze”. The Hawa mahal is located in the heart of the beautiful pink city. The mahal was built in 1799 for the royal woman of Jaipur, it was for them to enjoy the events and festivals which were being held in the street while remaining out of the public’s eye The mahal is a 5 storey building made in the shape of the crown of lord Krishna, known as a lord in Hinduism. It has an impressive amount of 935 windows or the Indian way of saying “jharokhas”. The façade of the building resembles a honeycomb of a beehive, something quite noticeable if you ask me. This mahal is an wonderful example of the rich heritage of the Rajputs. I think I need to start deleting pics, because this mahal is going to take a lot of space in my picture library. Question is how will it look inside? I can’t wait to find out, aren’t you eager too? you know how to find out..

As a twist this one is not located in Jaipur, but nearby Jaipur. Tourist visiting Jaipur have a 99% chance of visiting this place and 99.9% of saying that it’s in Jaipur, well wakeup call it’s not! It’s in the city Ajmer, 11 km away from Jaipur. The pictures show the magnificent Fort Ajmer, also known as Amber fort. The fort has an extensive palace complex. The palaces used to be the residences of the maharajas in Ajmer. It was built in 1592 by Maharaja Raja Jai Singh I, can you believe it has been so long since the making, I mean it looks like it was built not even 10 years ago? It covers an area of 4 square kilometres, located high on a hill. I don’t like walks, definitely not on hills, but I will make a sacrifice for the greater good. The fort is divided in 4 main sections with each their own courtyards.

In one of the sections you can find the Sheesh mahal also known as the palace of mirrors. The mahal has thousands of mirror tiles as well as coloured glasses on its wall as well as on ceiling. The sheesh mahal is seen as one of the high lights of the Ajmer fort. On average 5000 tourists visit the fort on daily basis, it’s one of the most touristic places in India. The fort is not one thing to admire, but many. There is so much to see at just one place, it will surprise you how much you will get to see. You will not get enough of it, every turn you take you’ll walk upon something new. How will I survive this place? I think I need to plan just one day to explore this area don’t you agree?

Can you believe I only talked about three tourist attractions? There’s so much more to see in this city I can’t wait to talk about them all, but I’m pretty sure you are tired of reading, let’s call it a day.

magic trick to be continued..


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