The above quote is the reflection of human nature. When someone is loved, as return he also starts loving. When we show our kindness, interest, love to them, he also show their affection for us.

After reading, I realized that it’s not a problematic thing to make friends. Before reading, it was my mindset that I have no good friend or I have no ability to make a good friend. But I thank to Amal academy who change my mindset regarding making friends.

In this chapter, I learned how to interact with people. It is just to interact with people with kind words, show curiosity and exchange their opinions.

The key points that we need to know are following as,

· On phone calls try to remove the word “I”. we should follow YOU -ATTITUDE.

· When we talk about others achievements, problems etc. means we are not trying to show our authority like i decide, i think etc.

· If people don’t give you good response, show them your love, give some time, they will be changed gradually. talk with them politely and just say i will wait for your precious response / feedback.

Result from the concept of “being interested”.

· Show love for others, in return they will love you.

· Solve others problem, give them a good opinion.

· Take care of others.

· Able yourself, to help others.

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