Students Finishing in Summer Semester Must Wait a Year to Walk in Graduation Ceremony

students studying in the library (taken by zb)

At the Lebanese American University, a student cannot graduate unless she or he finishes all the 122 credits, thus they cannot walk in the graduation commencement until after they are done.

After conducting an interview with Dr. Maysar Sarieddine, who carries a doctorate in Depth Psychology (with an emphasis on Community, Liberation, and Eco-psychology), he explains the side effects and emotional distress one student may have after knowing they have to wait another year to walk in the graduation ceremony without the friends they studied with for three or so years.

students working non stop at the library (taken by zb)

Dr. Sarieddine explains how there are psychological, environmental, and behavioral factors that may progress with the action of waiting another year in order to celebrate their graduation with students they do not know. “One feels alienated when they are not in their group or their accustomed environment. When there is no sense of connection or no sense of belonging, this can cause distress to the student and feeling as though they failed to a certain extent”.

Dr. Raed Mohsen, the dean of students at LAU, sheds light on why the ceremony cannot be postponed until after the summer semester is finished in regards to other students since many of them travel right after finals, start their busy careers, and are unable to wait until the end of July. Thus, students who register for another semester and wait another year for the graduation commencement, get the sense that they are not good enough to wait for.

Dr. Sarieddine also says “although some students do not even want to walk in the graduation ceremony and move on to their career, postponing the ceremony may not even affect those start their careers in other areas anyway.”

However, Dr. Mohsen does clarify how, many years back, the university did allow students who registered summer semester to attend the graduation ceremony but faced many difficulties with this action. With this said, the university is unable to postpone the graduation in fear of it back lashing if one student fails the summer semester after printing out their name on the yearbook, giving them their diploma, and walking in the commencement.

Raseel Bidawi, education student at LAU

Nonetheless, there is a full spectrum of reasons why LAU should postpone the graduation ceremony, and also why they shouldn’t. One option may help reduce stress and thoughts of failure for students who wait the extra year for the ceremony, on the other hand, the university may risk having students cause delays on the graduation and other students who are in fact graduating.


Dr. Raed Mohsen,

Dr. Maysar Sarieddine,