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On 6 August, I led a round table on “rules for building communities” at Freshworks’ India edition of Against All Odds conference.

I discussed the following key aspects of #community building:

  1. Community is the outcome of a repetitive activity.
  2. Use tools that allow you to overcome the hurdles of doing your activity regularly.
  3. For communicating with participants, use those tools which are sticky with your users, and will reinforce the stickiness.
  4. Processes and rules — such as code of conduct, #privacy policy, editorial policy — are crucial for setting the culture. Reinforce process to institutionalize culture.
  5. Community building is personality driven. Good community managers are good project managers + good conversationalists.

See the slides which elaborate on the above points: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1D9-7hnGi1CF7_98GkMP11fTW6JLHiS3RMbfECUNNhlg/edit?usp=sharing

The centre table
Was empty that morning.
The emptiness (of the table) awakened my consciousness.

Why was the table clutter-free?

That table — and its clutter — enable communication between us.
Communication between us — the bickerings, the conflict, the arguments, the resentment, the love, the desires.
The clutter (on the centre table) — defines the relationship between us.

Why was the table clutter-free?

You finally cleaned the table,
The table filled with parcels, with postcards,
With things from everywhere (with memories and emotions from everywhere). …


Watery (blurred) emotions
Watery (blurred) boundaries
Salty (astringent) wounds
Salty (astringent) pain


Teary (weary) self
Teary (washed out) facade
Watery (washed out) strength
Watery (weary) defenses


Tears (and emotions) welled up.
Tears (and memories) traversing boundaries.
Salted (and wounded) sense of self.
Salty (and self-inflicted) mounds of pain.


Zainab Bawa

CEO and co-founder @HasGeek. Long distance runner in every aspect of life. I am building an organization that outlives me.

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