Control vs Everything Else

What We Control:

  1. Our words
  2. Our response to good and bad circumstances
  3. The effort we put in our relationships
  4. The care we give to our health and nutrition
  5. Our habits
  6. Our energy
  7. The people we surround ourselves with
  8. Our self esteem
  9. Our gratitude and appreciation for all that we have
  10. Our attitude

What We Don’t Control:

  1. Everything else

We only have two choices — to focus on the things we control or to focus on the things we don’t. It is a waste of time to try to control anything that involves other people, nature or the unfoldings of life. Life is unpredictable, strange in many ways, twisty turny at times but always beautiful. Our only job is to appreciate it’s beauty, focus on what matters and enjoy it while we are here.