Four reasons I am looking forward to machines taking over my life.

  1. Synthesizing Customer Feedback Will Be a Breeze— As a product manager, one critical aspect of my job is seeking, collecting, filtering and synthesizing feedback from a variety of channels. In person customer interviews, which translates into hours of audio and video recordings. Sales calls. Marketing calls. Customer service calls. Emails from clients, prospects, sales managers, marketing managers and of course executive leadership. There is no dearth of feedback and opinion around your product. I dream of a world in which I could feed all this unstructured data in various formats into an intelligent machine that will help me make sense of it, identify patterns and trends and spit out actionable insights. This would allow me to focus on building relationships, prioritizing features, improving user experience and thinking about the future evolution of my product.
  2. Commuting Will be Something To Look Forward To—Oh the joy of never having to steer the wheel! I would have my car chauffeur me around town, take me to work, play me music based on my mood, tune into the latest episode of my favorite podcast, and even read me audio books. Or even better, battle the commute efficiently and silently thus allowing me some much needed quiet time.
  3. Grocery Shopping Will No Longer Be A Chore — My fridge knows that it is 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon and we’re running low on eggs, milk, fruits and bread. It shoots over a list to the local grocery store along with the accompanying shipping and billing details. When I get home after work in the evening, there is a box sitting at my doorstep. I open it, stock the fridge, pour a glass of wine and start dinner.
  4. Foreign Movies & Music Will Not Be a Thing Anymore—Any book, movie or song composed in a language I do not speak will automatically translate into my preferred language by the device I’m consuming the media on. My TV will know the movie, sport and language preferences of each member of my household. When I choose a ‘foreign’ movie, it will play the movie in either Hindi or English regardless of whether the creative itself was released with subtitles or not. My daughter will be able to watch kids programmes produced anywhere in the world because her tablet will magically convert all content into English — or Hindi if I get to choose.