Making Me Proud

Seth recently had a post up about how not to be a jerk. We don’t ever think of ourselves as jerks. No one ever introspects within and concludes, “Yes I am a jerk.”

We think of ourselves as good people who sometimes make mistakes. We’re not jerks by nature or intent but there may have been situations in which we were or acted like one. When we find ourselves in these situations it is not enough to kick ourselves, make a mental note, apologize and move on. It is not enough to say, “I was a jerk in that situation. But I am not really a jerk. I feel sorry about that situation and won’t let it happen next time.” There will always be a next time.

The better and more powerful thing to do in order to rewire our responses and instincts is to ask regularly ask ourselves, “Am I doing, communicating, acting and choosing in a way that makes me proud to be who I am?”

If we consistently work to make ourselves proud, we will in turn make our families and communities proud.

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