Activity: Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

“All good when end good “

Outdoor session was the superb idea and activity to make final happy ending.

For this purpose our batch 29 decided to go for movie and lunch for the time spending with each other.

So with the mutual concern we decided to go for Fortress stadium in Lahore to watch the movie, which was ( Hindi Medium) on the special demand of Maam Anisa. It was the educational and morale movie which every parents face it.

moving toward outdoor session

How was the session? What did you enjoyed the most about this day?

The session was really superb and memorize. In simple word . amazing day in my life.

> First we deposit book to Alif laila for our mega project.

> Presentation preparation

> Presentation session

> Ending photo session

> Moving toward fortress

> Lunch with Mehvish, on her demand and time shortage, we take ( bombay thal )

> Final group photo with Maam Anisa , Sir Asjad and whole batch 29

> Watched Movie,

> Too much masti during the movie, superb movie :)

>Last meet up with fellows and Maam Anisa , Sir Asjaad ( sadness moment :(

lunch and final group photo
  • What was it like to be a tour guide through these experiences? Do you think you learned more being a tour guide or being someone who was guided?

For tour guide, the responsibilities was given to 3, 4 members of our batch, Umar, Yahya etc.

They arranged very well. Umar individually asked to every members personal, and tell the tour progress. FB, Messages, and Whatsapp media used. I like his coordination

Tour guider and Arrangement
  • What were the lessons that you think you learned from the things/places we explored?

The main lesson was to enjoy our last get together. and make it best memories.

We watch Movie for this purpose. the Movie is all about education sector.

1. Private schooling and Govt schooling.

2. The main lesson was , “we never take the rights of the others who really deserved”, ( like Irfan khan take the seat of poor child , for her daughter admission)

3. An other lesson,

Happiness is not about having , money, big house, cars , status, its all about being happy. (discover when they make poor to get admission of his Daughter )

4. The last lesson was.

Both parents should be educated , as you see that Irfan Khan was uneducated, but her wife was educated , which was the hurdle between the admission.

  • What do you think this session has to do with maintaining work/life balance? How do you think you will continue to maintain this balance in your life?

Yes, the last session was the great experience that summarize the whole 3 months session in one day.

That day was the best ever day in my life. I will miss a lot, each and everything Maam Anisa, Sir Asjad and Maam Zaryab, and whole family of Amal batch 29. Because It was the great platform where each of us was the different fields . It was the great experience to share the each the ideas and knowledge with each us.

I will miss each and everything. because It was the best ever days and time in my life. I enjoy a lot. that I will miss.

That really sad and emotional moment to write this . :(

At the end I will say

“Acha Chalta hon duaen mai yaad rakhna “

final group photo to Good Bye