Proposal for Mega Project

Group Name: Trailblazers (Circle 1)


For Mega project, we are organizing the game activate. Which is Balloon Darts Game. The main purpose of this activities is to encourage the youth of Amal Fellows for social activities by recreational activities. It’s interesting activities with full of entertainment. It’s a non-profit project. The income from this activity is to donate to help the needy people.


Ø It’s a Non-profit project.

Ø “The means purpose of this activities is to encourage the youth for social activities by recreational activities, like Balloon Dart game. And the generated income should be donated”.


We InshaaAllah doing this activity in Amal campus.

Target Population

All batches for Amal Academy and Alumni graduates and staff members.

Entry Fee

Will be decided in the Amal circle.


The winner game will be awarded with the different type of prizes.


Social media will be used to encourage the public. We will generate the events post It into different batches groups and universities groups Facebook. And email to Alumni fellows. Others different medias like, Instagram, twitter, WhatsApp and etc.

Activities Task

all activities and task will be divided according to each capability.