Sharing the tips with a working professional and exploring the life of purpose of your network

For this purpose I meet with the professor of Hailey College of Commerce, PU, Lahore (Sir Randawa) to know about the career startup and tips.

Taking 3 tips from the Sohail shab to know and explore the career for professional growth and network.

  1. Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

2. Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

3. Join a professional body and build your network

He show positive response and says that every graduate must know about the importance of that. He give 20 precious mints of his busy life and tell about the career and personal growth.

He say that relationship is very important for any stage, not single company cannot achieve their targets and goals with with their employees. Companies run on ek or Ek giyara formula.

He advised that:

“Find your gift (talent), which is given by Allah and work on it , and then Earn by it “

He say that network and relationship with professional are very important, specially if you want to go for abroad, UAE , Saudi Arab etc. You must know about the companies and network and Markets and the knowledge of the Company. And search on their newspapers and websites and media, to know about the vacancies. And must do it from reached in the Abroad.

He says that you must get the job and learn the experience, if you have to do it free.

He say that do not do PhD if you want to go for business and industrial sector, its a wastage of time and money. And try to do For PPSC, PMS and CSS , if you want to enjoy your position in Pakistan.