Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

Oh great, that is really great activity to share my experience regarding 3 months of Amal career fellowship.

Its being a great journey, in which I enjoy my life time enjoyment.

3 month of fellowship was really a great experience, in which I learn a lot of things. there is a lot of things which change my life.

Before joining I was very nervous about Amal, I talk to my very friends about the Amal, but no one response me positive, everyone say that , you cannot do it, you cannot manage the burden of work, they will make to salves with a lot work. But at that time I talk to my friend, He say that Zain you should go for it, Its really a great opportunity for the students, like you. You must go, its great learning for you.

Following things that i learn from the Amal.

  1. What is the most important lesson?

The most important lesson, which I learn from the Amal fellowship is

“ love what you do“

2. Why do you think this is important?

Because every work is depended on your nature of interest. If you cannot work with your heart, you cannot achieve that what you want, because

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) say:

“Amal ka daroomidar niyatoon per hota ha “

That is the thing which motivate me during the Amal fellowship, I think this the secret of my success in Amal.

3. How do you plan to apply this lesson beyond Amal fellows?

Yes, I thing which I learning and take from the Amal is “ love what you do “

that will help me in future life , no matter in which position for, I work or get the job, I will work from my heart. InshaaAllah one day I will be at position where I always dreamed. Hope for the best.

At the end I want to Thank to My mentor Maam Anisa , Maam Zaryab and Sir Asjad, which help me during the whole Amal fellowship. Without them, the journey is useless.

Once again Thanks to all, to make me better and for lovely memories.