I’ll marry her.

Who could have known that the simple three words can either give you butterflies in your stomach or a heart attack right on the spot.

I’ve lied to everyone about how I’ve met you. It was an ordinary summer, as I woke up I immediately opened my twitter account and to my surprised I saw a one notification in my direct messages! I was so happy because finally, someone bothered to talk to me. I was totally expecting someone but it was you, you were asking about what application did I used on editing my photos and shits. I immediately told you and who would have thought that because of that simple question everything has changed like literally changed. We would talked every day and wouldn’t get bored of each other, from our childhoods down to our sexual desires. Without talking to you, I feel like my day is incomplete and I have to say that ever since I’ve met you… I’ve always craved for your time and attention. You made me feel again, you’ve made me see those different colors and you’ve opened my eyes to the ugly reality.

You’re my best friend but it changes when we’ve told each other that we have feelings for each other but you said “Alam mo ayaw kitang paasahin kasi naging mabait ka sakin eh . tapos may gf ako. kung wala akong gf bes naging tayo talaga” and said “sorry” with an “😘” emoji. I told you I was just joking about it but then again you said “kung wala talaga akong gf . Hanggang bespren muna tayuuu” and then another “sorry” with an “😶” emoji. Ghad it hurts but yeah. “HANGGANG BESPREN MUNA TAYU.” IT FUCKING HURTS but you know what hurts the most? It is telling me that “I’ll marry her…..before I will leave for Canada.” FUCK. That hurts. It seems like my everything feel apart. The colors disappeared and I got those sudden heart attacks. Ghad, it hurts.

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