The Ace of Sparks High Volleyball

Tarina Martinez wakes up every morning eager to share her drive, passion, and love for volleyball as she coaches her varsity team to be their most successful selves. Being the head coach for Sparks High School and playing for a majority of her life, volleyball has a huge place in Tarina’s heart. Tarina grew up in the Reno area and has played volleyball for as long as she can remember. Her family having a history with the sport helped her love for the game increase. She remembers playing as a young girl in her aunt’s backyard with her family and since then, she’s been addicted. She started her coaching career as just a freshman in high school and taught junior high students the fundamentals of the game. Tarina played from middle school up to the collegiate level. Her never-ending respect and passion for the game only increased when she became the head coach at Sparks High at the young age of 22.

Being forced to know the program front to back was a requirement for Tarina’s new position. Throughout her 8 seasons, some adversity she faced was people doubting her becasue of her young age, but once they saw how well she knew the game, the doubts were ceased. When dealing with difficult girls and parents, Trina does her best to stay postitive and adjust to the mentality that the girls need to be their absolute best. Her favorite part of coaching at the varsity level is watching the freshmen girls grow over their four years, on and off the court.

Tarina loves the technicalities of volleyball itself and how she can teach girls the game and much about life itself. Being the recipient of the Coach of the Year award twice and once even beating her old high school coach is an obvious visual of the successful coach, mentor, and person that Tarina is. Tarina Martinez has without a doubt had an inspiring and beneficial impact at Sparks High School and it is clear that she will contine to thrive for many years to come.