UNR Students Look Cold & Cute in Their Winter Fits!

A crazy flood hits Reno this past weekend and forces us all to take out our winter clothes!

Junior Kelman Choice, 22, rocks his winter outfit as he heads to his wintermester classes.

Choice said that he gets a majority of his clothes from H&M. He likes dressing up when it is cold out because he likes being in layers and wearing black.

Choice said that his kicks are convenient because they’re water proof and super comfy.

Saba Shumie, age 24, said her “homeless man” outfit is because it was on top of her laundry pile.

Shumie rocking her Nevada gear.

“Timberlands are on of the best investments because they are waterproof, cute, and comfortable”, Shumie said when asked about her shoes.

Neima Bockari, 20, claimed, “The Wolf Shop is where I get all my Nevada gear! They have so much variety for jackets, it’s awesome.”

When asked about her outfit, student Jasmine Chappell, 20, responded, “I wore these shoes because I did not want to slip all day on the ice. Leggings every day, it’s a rule. And, this jacket is so warm.”

Nike over everything!

Chappell said that a majority of her clothes are from Victoria Secret. “I get all my jackets and leggings from there. My warmer jackets I buy online from North Face.”

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