Using Vue.js 3, Node.js, and PostgreSQL

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In this article, we are going to build a simple task management application in TypeScript with Vue.js 3, Node.js, and PostgreSQL using Kretes. Here’s what the final result looks like:

The first question, that probably comes to your mind after reading the title, is: why should I bother about another state management solution?

The answer is: using streams for state management is simpler.

Imagine your Flutter application needs to persist data. Putting it into a database is a common solution. I’d even argue that most Flutter applications need some persistence layer. In many cases, you will probably use Firebase. The offering is good and tightly integrated with Flutter. Firebase API is stream-based (which may be a surprise to some). …

Using Extension Methods for Provider Data Lookup in Flutter

Dart 2.7 adds extension methods. This feature allows to add new members (not only methods) to existing types.

Extension methods can be invoked like regular methods even though they are just static functions. Note that you can define extension methods not only for instance methods, but also for operators, setters and getters (but not for fields). The more adapted name would be the extension members. The Dart team, however, decided to name this feature similarly to other programming languages so that it sounds more familiar.

Extension methods solve the issue of wrapping objects in order to augment the wrapped objects…

This tutorial intends to provide a comprehensive, but relatively short introduction to Reason.

Reason is a programming language built on top of OCaml. It provides functional and object-oriented features with type-safety and focus on performance. It was created at Facebook. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript. The intention is to make interoperation with JavaScript and adoption by JavaScript programmers easier. Reason can access both JavaScript and OCaml ecosystems. OCaml was created in 1996. It is a functional programming language with infered types.

The Reason website contains an online playground. It allows to play with the language and see how the…

A one-stop solution to make events better for all parties involved

Eventil: One-Stop Tech Event Platform

Eventil is a one-stop platform for the event industry. It provides an integrated, all-in-one solution that takes into consideration not only organizers, but also speakers, attendees, companies and swag suppliers. It aims to facilitate collaboration and to reduce the gap between all parties involved.

It is time-consuming and often not obvious how to integrate various tools used to facilitate event experience. Organizers are forced to jump between tools when preparing an event. Speakers are forced to use different communication channels when being contacted by event organizers. Attendees are forced to keep tickets in one system, see after-conferences videos somewhere else…


On Wednesday (Feb 21st) the first batch of tickets for wroc_love.rb went on sale on Eventil. The ticket purchase process was broken. I’d like to apologize to the conference organizers and potential attendees for the stress we caused them on that day. Here’s our post-mortem analysis.

By default Eventil integrates with Stripe. This allows for credit card payments which are instantaneous. When we first got approached by wroc_love.rb organizers, the initial problem was that Stripe isn’t available in Poland. In parallel, we had been working on a payment integration adapted to the Polish market. We opted for PayU which seemed…

Etiene Dalcol PolyConf 17 Interview

Etiene Dalcol is a Brazilian software engineer based in London, working for Red Badger. She is an active member of the Lua language community: leading an open source web framework called Sailor, organising the Lua devroom on FOSDEM, LuaConf and the Lua community blog.

How did you get into programming?

When I was 13 it was a cool thing to have your own blog on the internet. But I thought it was even cooler to have a blog about blogs and I started making templates for them. They looked horrible and literally the only person using them was myself, but I had a lot of fun…

Getting to 50–50 women / men participation at PolyConf

Recently we announced that — a continuous deployment cloud hosting solution for web applications — had become our Platinum sponsor. The company generous support allowed us to introduce 70% ticket discount for women in tech.

If you are interested in the discount, please contact us directly at

PolyConf is not only an event that favors technical diversity hoping to promote intellectually stimulating ideas that may move our industry forward, but also strives to attract equal participation of women among both speakers and attendees. …

What does it mean asynchronous in the context of JavaScript ? In order to understand that term, let’s take a look at the following code:

fs.readFile('poem.txt', (err, data) => { 
if (err) throw err;

There is a single function fs.readFile being invoked which takes two arguments as its input: a string with the name of a file and another function often named as callback.

Asynchronous means the program will continue running right after the fs.readFile invocation without waiting for the callback to be completed or even to be run. The function passed in as argument (callback) will be…

Interview with Jack Moffitt before PolyConf 17

How did you get into programming?

The cliche answer is that I started BASIC when I was six with the help of my
dad, and spent my teens writing graphics code and BBS software. I can provide a better answer by describing how I started programming on open source projects. The radio station at my university lost its license several times and weren’t getting a new one, so they were forced to broadcast only within the student union building. As all the dorms were wired for internet access, I wanted to put the radio station on the internet so that I could listen from my room. RealNetworks’…

Jakub Neander

I teach software development on YouTube as Zaiste Programming. I run a software company in Paris, France.

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