Pretty, Punchy, Perfect Portfolio Pages

When one treats a webpage as the canvas using the power of code and a splash of creativity to “paint” upon it, stunning websites with stylistic functionality are born. I recently visited which had an article on, “45 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you”. There were links to each of the 45 design portfolios, each website speaking for itself. What drew my attention to all of these portfolios was the bright, stylish, unique feel of each webpage; every scroll seemed to animate some part of the the site as with every click brought you to a new dimension of color. It was truly brilliant knowing that every detail and style put into the page was created by a block of code; to think one could plan and create such art on a webpage seemed daunting yet inspiring.

In my opinion, Small Studio, Robby Leonardi, and Femme Fatale were the top three portfolio pages that stood out the most. Why? Each one combined mouse hover and scrolling animations with smooth yet stylish page transitions and beautiful graphics to convey a point or data. For example, on Robby Leonardi’s page every scroll animated a character through changing scenery all while displaying crucial information in a fun way; when I scroll down on Femme Fatale, the words flow and disorient but come back together with a new background behind it; upon entering Small Studio, a balloon floats amongst the screen requiring a simple mouse drag over it to access the page’s contents.

Overall, the examples above has inspired me to find creative ways to display information without having to use “templates” to get me started. It is simply about starting with an idea and branching off upon it to create an elegant block of code. As for my portfolio, I plan to combine mouse and scroll animations with a fun way of making text appear and flow consistently; I also want to have some type of graphic that plays with the functionality of the webpage similar to what was seen on Small Studio’s website. Ultimately I want to expand outwards taking bits and pieces from other websites, but at the same time staying true to my ideas and creative thinking making sure I don’t go too far beyond my knowledge of coding.

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