Reflecting Upon the Past and Coding a Path to Success.

Prior to taking coding this year, I was expecting a strict curriculum based learning experience with a few projects here and there; due to similar computer based courses I had taken, I expected this new course to be no different; however, to my surprise, coding turned out to be a new road to a bright future. With hands on learning experiences with coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I quickly found a passion and learned much about web development. This educated me on topics from basic HTML and CSS to creating real software with a group of individuals.

With Jr. DevLeague being the true pioneers of the course, every class ran smoothly containing new knowledge to be learned every period. Jr. DevLeague has also provided me many opportunities such as allowing me to speak on behalf of the company towards a board of educators justifying the importance of a coding elective. Being a junior developer makes me realize how fortunate I am to receive education on computer programming including hands on experiences at such an early age; it provides me the boost/extra kick to receiving a full-time job at a software development company.

Taking all my knowledge learned from computer programming, I fell very confident that I can further refine and expand upon my coding skills throughout the future. Coding and programming seem to be the right fit for me, being that I love technology and using creativity to create something of desire. I also feel that coding is the perfect balance between production and problem solving; I like how I can envision a product, then work towards that product through creativity and code combined with the right mix of critical thinking and problem solving throughout the way.

In order to follow my passion and boost my coding skills up a notch, outside of class I plan on continuing to code and expanding my knowledge on individual aspects of programming while starting a few side projects to apply these skills to. Side projects will also give me the opportunity to express my creativity while allowing me to find methods and more efficient ways to simplify my code.

Thankfully with this class being offered next year, it allows students the same opportunity to explore a new side of technology and provide them with many opportunities. As a word of advice to beginners, never be afraid to explore new methods to coding, take the time to break down and understand foreign looking code, while finding ways to incorporate it in the future. Coding and computer programming are filled with many opportunities, but it is up to the student to take it.