Web Development’s Love-Hate Relationship

Sometimes web development is pleasant and perfect while other times being stubbornly problematic; there are many aspects of web development that I love, yet hate.

The best part of web development is being able to take an idea from an outline or sketch, then translate it to code, and finally being able to see the final product. For me, the creative and logical thinking process that goes behind a website is always a joy; part of being a programmer is viewing the final product visually within your mind, then devising the logical code scheme behind it. With websites being coded completely from scratch, it gives programmers the opportunity to customize and construct any webpage to their needs and functionality.

Though this process is definitely fun and amusing, web development always comes with a few hiccups, the biggest one being unforeseen obstacles that unexpectedly pop up. These obstacles often come as bugs loaded on the webpage that seem to have no solution; this not only extends the time taken for web development, but also overcomplicates finding a working solution; when error messages pop up through 500 lines of code, pinpointing the exact source becomes a game of needle in the haystack. One’s knowledge on coding is never sufficient, there is always an expanding wall of new information that are essential to web developers.